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How to make linedef that don't is visual for a trap?

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I am making some traps in DB2 Doom2 but when i play the map i can easy spot the traps by locking at the map.

Is there a way to hide it, to look like a normal wall?


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And using the flag 'secret' will (in most ports) make that line look like any other 1s line in the automap.

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Hidden will prevent the lines from showing on the map at all. Secret is more applicable in this case; put that flag on the two lines on the outside of the closet. They'll show as a normal wall in the automap. The flag has nothing to do with the map's secret count (which is sector-based).

Edit: ninja'd

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Thanks. that really works :)

much mor fun and harder if the traps is not visual on the maps :)

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