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Apparently I'm missing a step here...

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Another newbie Doom Builder 2 question. Again, I've read the tutorials, so I'm asking questions that weren't covered in them.

So, I don't know how to set up a trap. I want the player to open a door and have another hidden door open behind him. Do I do something involving tags? Or is scripting pretty much required?

Also, I don't seem to be able to make key doors work. When I try to open the door before I have the key, the message telling me "Blue Key is Required to Open this Door" comes up just fine. But once I get the key, the door doesn't seem to want to open.

Help me, I'm stupid.

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If you want a second door to open when you open the first, you could always have them both have the same sector tag, and make sure the activating switch/line specifies that tag. Of course, if you set the door to open, wait and close, that means the 'Trap' door will close too.

When you say 'the door doesn't seem to want to open', does that mean that nothing whatsoever happens when you try to open it? Or does the texture suddenly jump downwards, then back? If it's the latter, check the adjacent sectors to the door, and make sure that none of them have ceilings that are the same height or lower than the door. If it's the former, make sure you've set up the tags right (or if you're not using tags, make sure you're doing that right as well.)

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Off the top of my head (and assuming you started your map in Doom 2 format), you can create a line that is where the trap is triggered. Right-click on the line, find the action menu, and go to the Door section. Find a description that reads "W1 Door Open Stay" or "WR Door open wait close", or something with W (for Walk) and a door action.

For the tagging, it's really easy. Just click on "new tag" while you're still editing the line. Go into Sectors mode, and right click on the sector that will be your door. Enter the same sector tag (so if you tagged your line as Tag 3, tag your sector as 3). Don't click new tag for the sector, because it will give it Tag 4.

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