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Nightmare run of Gem04

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Hey guys.

After a lot of work, I managed to make a nightmare run of Gem04. It took a lot of trial and error to find the best (or only) route, and I progressed room-by-room and found solid plans for the previous rooms, but the next room was always overwhelming at first.

This demo is in response to the OUTCRY FROM SISSY SO CALLED DOOMERS who complained about the difficulty.

I'll make a proper release later and release some bloopers as well, where the Nightmare mode kicks my ass with respawning Arch-Viles or Hell Knights suspiciously early.

On to the demo, hope you enjoy it:


Recorded with GZDoom v.1.1.6.

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A couple of guys have experienced the demo going out of sync. Has it happened to anybody else?

I don't know what it is, as it works just fine with me, when I download GZDoom anew, and extract it to a new folder with just the Doom2 and Gem04 wad files.

The demo is up at DSDA and supposedly does not desync:


Graf Zahl, if you read this, it would be insightful with feedback on why it desyncs randomly.

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I've been able to reproduce the same desync behaviour by enabling/disabling OpenGL in zdoom-<user>.ini file (quite curiously).

Using a completely fresh install of the GZDoom 1-1-06 binary, I made the followings steps and observations.

1. Downloaded and extracted gem04.zip (http://www.doomworld.com/idgames/index.php?id=15528) and gem04ln1.zip (http://doomedsda.us/wad1154.html).

2. Ran gzdoom.exe without parameters in order to generate the .ini file

3. Edited the .ini file, setting the gl_nogl parameter from false to true.

4. Played the demo using the command: gzdoom.exe -playdemo gem04ln1\gem04ln1.lmp -file gem04.wad. Player die at approx. 03:30, killed by cacodemons when fighting a hellknight and demons.

5. Quitted GZDoom, switched gl_nogl parameter back to true.

6. Started demo using the same command as in step 4. Demo plays off successfully.

7. Switched gl_nogl parameter back to false. Fails at the exact same place.

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Thanks for the diagnostic and kudos on the troubleshooting.

So I presume it won't work at all without GL enabled. I wish it would get better demo support, though it might be unlikely.

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