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LOINK video walkthrough with commentary

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Just for kicks, I made a commentary video that shows the intended max route for map01 of loink with no monsters. The video was inspired by Karthik's commentary video for Dark Fate 2.

LOINK commentary - part 1: http://vids.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=vids.individual&VideoID=100363914
LOINK commentary - part 2: http://vids.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=vids.individual&videoid=100365915
LOINK commentary - part 3: http://vids.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=vids.individual&videoid=100371476

You might get bored listening to me try to explain every little detail, but I also try to explain the rocket jump parts so you might wanna watch that.

Stuff I forgot to mention:

Loink is for ZDoom. It's one level split into two maps. It's not very detailed at all, but it's a wide open kind of level and there are almost 6000 monsters total. My dooming computer is only a Pentium 4 2.26GHz with 512MB of RAM, so I had to split the level into 2 maps so that I could get an acceptable framerate. To help improve the framerate, I used dormant monsters and added a custom imp that uses the lost soul death frame so that it doesn't leave a corpse when it dies, and I added a custom zombieman and shotgunguy that don't leave clips or shotguns when they die. So after all that, both maps get an acceptable framerate on my computer even when all the monsters are awake (I consider an acceptable framerate to be above 20 fps, sometimes 15).

Rocket jumping in ZDoom acts differently when you turn on god mode, so there's not much point in practicing with god mode. For some reason you can't get as much distance, and it feels like there's extra air control (for example, you can climb the side of wall by shooting multiple rockets against the wall, like in Skulltag).

LOINK was originally designed for ZDaemon rocket jumping when the original version (sloth map04) was made in 2006. ZDaemon rocket jumping is different from ZDoom rocket jumping. There's no air control in ZDaemon (by default). Also, when doing rocket jumps where you rjump backwards, in ZDaemon you can just stand still when you rjump and you'll get enough distance, but in ZDoom you have to start running backwards a bit before you rjump if you want to get enough distance.

Also, I forgot to mention to kill any roaming lost souls that you see.

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I thought that diamond might somehow make a more explosive rocket jump or something, didn't know its main function was alignment. Your maps tend to be really well thought out and well made for your niche of insane skill requiring (for going as fast as possible anyway) gameplay and/or rocket jumping. Didn't realize there was a gap in the reverent circle and making the yellow key secret to prevent skipping on part 1 was a good idea.

Idgames reviews only reflect the fact that the majority don't have enough skill to beat relatively hard maps (understandable that not everyone would share our neurotic doom autism). And of them, another majority aren't great at rocket jumping. But I'm glad you make whatever you want instead of appealing to the majority and your demos are insane/fun to watch. I mean, getting low ratings from the majority on idgames is practically a good thing.

I don't know how to pronounce 'gggmork' either. 'Gmork' is the wolf from the neverending story; I just put 2 extra g's on it. 'g+m' is common phonetics in his realm apparently.

'kill any roaming lost souls that you see'

except for.. one.

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Haven't seen that movie in a while heh. Does that mean your g's are supposed to be silent?

Yeah, I also forgot to say that the lost soul in the sky gets killed when you kill one of the archviles that teleport in the map after you open the exit.

Yeah, it's kinda funny how whiny I get about /idgames ratings. lol baby. I thought maybe this commentary video would help explain about my wads.

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I thought that sky soul was an animation or something until I noticed that zdoom effect thingy at the top with a real lost soul just today. It might be weird if that soul flew around in the sky.

About air control (and gravity) I wonder if its possible to make a fake multi-story area above you (kinda like in mario 2 nes when you jump up to a higher platform). Like maybe you could jump up to a fake upper mid-textured 'platform', then your gravity becomes 0 and air control becomes perfect as if on the ground. You'd just be 'floating' in the air but it might behave like ground. Probably wouldn't work that great, if at all, especially since it'd probably lack friction.

I think gmork pronounces the g 'gamork'. You probably need a wolf tongue to pronounce it correctly.

I call my save files:
You just like ram some random keys, lol.

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That's a cool idea about making the lost soul fly around. I'll do that if I release a second version of the wad that has no invulnerability spheres (just to poke fun at people who think the god mode spheres make the map not challenging at all).

Worst made a rocket jump wad for ZDaemon that used things with zheight + nograv that acted like 3D platforms, which sounds similar to what you described, and you could stand on them and rjump off of them, it was cool.

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