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Doom64 wad

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Ok so i want to play the DOOM64 WAD really bad, but i don't know how to play it on mac? I tried to download it and there was an EXE. file but i can't open those on mac does anyone know what i should do to play it?

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Krispavera said:

Get a PC.

No, the new answer is to install Boot Camp and get Windows. Or buy Parallels, VMWare Fusion, or install Sun Virtualbox (if there's a Mac version).

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:( If i had any of those i would have been making maps and playing more games a long time ago, i just can't get anything to work on my computer it sucks :(

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Quit ragging on his choice of platform, guys. I'm not making fun of you all for sticking with Chocolate Doom or whatever, so why do you have to make fun of Mac users? Macs are computers too. (Even though I myself prefer Windows, I understand that Macs have their place.)

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