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New Doom Project.

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This is my new project using the Doom Alpha e1m5. I have blended it with a early version of the Containment Area and updated it with BOOM specials. This project needs a lot of work, but I hope I can make something cool out of this map now I have the basic structure down. BTW, is there a Doom Alpha texture wad I can use, as I want to get a whole Doom Alpha look for this running with Prboom. Any suggestions on how to progress with this map are welcome.

In editor shot.


The start.


More areas.




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Someone made a resource wad with all the alpha stuff. I think it was CutmanMike? I've got it floating around somewhere on my harddrive if it can't be located.

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This seems like copypaste of IWAD and Alpha maps stuck together with a teleporter between them. Kinda obvious due to the inclusion of two automaps, missing floor textures, and is kinda just stuff everyone has been seeing since 1994.

Gameplay wise, a bit more health around the hitscanners at the start could be an idea, though it's not unsurvivable. Hoarding all the medkits around that end computer room doesn't really make sense. There's definitely not enough ammo to defeat the hordes of barons around the blue key, and the crushers don't raise far enough for them to get stuck inside reliably. Infighting will probably take care of the Cyberdemon (which is a kinda cheesy 94-like inclusion and a bit pointless if he dies anyway). It seemed silly to defeat the Cybie and all those Barons only to have the red key monster closets open and have... some Imps and Demons inside.

The slaughter-like numbers of Impse around the yellow key door was awesome fun, so many rocket launcher gibs :D

I don't mean to discourage you but I'm a bit confused as to your aims here? The Alpha maps are, by their very nature of not being in the Doom retail product, flawed and incomplete. Your own mapping releases are alot more creative and flow alot nicer than John Romero's early-development scraps.

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What in the world does E2M2 have to do with the alpha E1M6?

I don't even understand what the object of this map is, really, let alone the fact that it's copied directly from the retail IWAD and the alpha (which I would tentatively refer to as the 0.5 version of this map), which as has been said is nothing new.

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I do not know what I was intending with this map, I have started a new one from scratch that will be wood/metal and gstone mixed with computer tech bits. Sort of like Plutonia for Ultimate Doom. I will overwrite the nuke.zip on my webspace with a demo version of that soon.

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Does anyone know which one of the alphas had the old gibbed doom guy sprite? He looked like he was being split in two and his intestines were hanging out. I looked i 0.5 and 0.4 and had no luck.

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