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Change color of doors? ( example red keydoor ) how>?

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Hey i was wondering. how i can change colors of textures for example a door.

i want to make a red key door. how? do i change its color? the reddoor texture does not exist in the doom2 wad. but i saw it in some original lvls.

so plz tell me how!

btw what is a gradient tool ctrl+g g or shift+g, it doe snothing when i press it in doombuilder


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There are a couple of ways - export the texture as a bitmap image, edit it in your favourite paint program, import when finished (under another name) and add it to textures - OR - experiment with XWE's image editing and colour remapping features.

For the gradient tool to work you need to have at least three sectors selected, with the minimum/maximum brightness or floor/ceiling heights defined in the first and last sectors selected. The gradient tool then applies intermediate values to the other selected sectors.

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