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Editing maps in ZIP/PK3 files.

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Can I request something? I would like to request a support for editing maps inside ZIP/PK3 files (read: latest DB2 official release aka Build 1157 only supports editing maps inside WADs). As I recently switched from WAD to PK3 format however turns out I can't edit maps inside it which kinda stinks. So I have to export the map outside the PK3, edit it then import it into the pk3 and the cycle repeats. I would love to see that as it would make Xenus 3 development go MUCH faster.

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Open zip/pk3 as usual, Navigate to your wad, right click the wad,Open with ..., choose DoomBuilder .... easy !

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Although I agree it would be cool, unzipping works pretty simply. And since you may be adding new resources, the final zip (pk3) should only occur when you release.

I would like to suggest resource mapping per port.

For exmample, a configuration that might follow JDoom's convention (as an example) where resources can be mapped to:

./sfx/ (sounds)
./textures/ (textures - not patches, but textures)
./flats/ (flats)
./things/ (things / decorations / etc)

in formats supported by (port of choice) (png, bmp, tga (24 and 32 bit), etc.)

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