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I'm in bad need of a C guy, just few lines of code !

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Hey there, hope I will find somebody trough this way...in the next version of the MyDoom Frontend I will support both, CSDoom (which is already done) and ZDaemon, however I have currently some trouble with the ZDaemon master server query - not the query itself, it works, but the data the server sends back - they are compressed I think, so I need somebody who takes the ZDaemon source to build up a simple dll which can be controlled from the frontend. A good recource will be the ZDaemon Linux source, since there is a GPL Linux launcher in it. I think it is only few lines of code (10-15?). Please contact me at king.elvis@gmx.net !

Thanks much in advance !



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Why don't you do'em yourself?

Because I would be a pain to get into C for just this stuff...or with other words: I'm an ass in C too :)

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Well, it means that we are two C asses!!!

Hmm, anyway C is not that hard to learn, but I don't want
to be sidetracked by it, i am doing and EDGE tc (Imp's Tales). Try to learn it. If you can't - eat your veggies :-D

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