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Hey all, so I've finished a 1 map (for now) wad. I used greenwar textures so credits goes to authors. There is 1 bug which I will probably change. You must not pass the line twice when you will activate it (you'll see).Also does not include music, level names, par times, difficulty.

Sorry no screens because they are screwed.

Download link: (size 6.64MB) http://kotuha.com/file/qnc1x-12.html
*sorry for crappy upload site, mediafire is giving me failures

Hope you will like it a bit, enjoy.

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quite nice :) didn't like the poison room whit the hell? knight I just felled into the water the whole time :P a bit short but i will gladly play more from you.

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I thought it was too easy so I had to make it a bit challenging, yeah I plan to continue to do that wad, to learn scripting better, also mapping.

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