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Problems with SLumpEd

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Hi all, I have a problem that really pissed me off for ages. I exported the pistol and fist sprites from doom1.wad in BMP format, I mirrored them with Paint, then I have put the sprites between S_START and S_END markers in a new wad file. Sprite names are correct (PISGA0, PISGB0, PISGC0, PISGD0, PISGE0, PISFA0). I tried to test the wad with Skulltag and ZDoom, but it didn't work: they both reported an "Invalid data error" followed by those sprite names. I opened SLumpEd again, I loaded the wad then SLumpEd froze when i attempted to click on a sprite lump. Can you help me, please?

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Anonymous3000 said:

in BMP format
"Invalid data error"

Did you forget to reconvert them into doom graphics?

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For ZDoom or derivative, Doom GFX or PNG will work. For most other ports, only Doom GFX will work. BMP is deliberately not supported because it's a format which has no advantage whatsoever compared to other formats: it's not compressed so it takes a lot of space (compared with PNG, JPG, DDS, TGA, etc.), it has no transparency (compared with Doom GFX, PNG, DDS), it cannot store offset values (compared with PNG or Doom GFX -- that's another gotcha by the way, you'll have to set offset values since they're lost after the image manipulation you did), so they are thoroughly unsuitable for use in data files.

XWE automatically convert files when you import them as lumps, but that's not a behavior that you would always want. Slumped does not convert unless you explicitly tell it to.

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