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Updating Linuxxdoom

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Link fixed my bad. FP ;(

This is my version of the Linuxxdoom SDL port. I am working on the mouse support and I have updated it to compile perfectly on Ubuntu 9.04. You need SDL 1.2.13 to build this but it is easy and painless to run, as long as you have $DOOMWADDIR setup properly then running it will be fine. You use the -udoom parameter to point to Ultimate Doom and it handles the sky textures fine with Ultimate Doom. Anyway, try it out and see what you think about it. I just thought I would keep Linuxxdoom working for modern versions of Linux. And it is easier to run than the non-SDL version...

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This is just the Linux doom source code that was ported to SDL. The Author of SDL ported it and I am just fixing up small bits of the rest of the Doom source and trying to keep the original source going. It is just the name I chose for it.

And Chocolate Doom is awesome, but this is the Linux Doom Source code. I just want to have something to work on of my own. And I like this.

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