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Dosdoom Proectile Teleportation.

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I have just recorded this vid to illustrate my argument that modern source ports should include this cool option that Dosdoom has where you can teleport rockets & plasma. It should not be that hard to implement these days in Zdoom. Or even EDGE as that is based on Dosdoom.

What do you think?

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You can do that simply by loading a DECORATE patch if you want it in ZDoom. Here:

Actor TeleRocket : Rocket replaces Rocket { -NOTELEPORT }
Actor TeleBFGBall : BFGBall replaces BFGBall { -NOTELEPORT }
Actor TelePlasmaBall : PlasmaBall replaces PlasmaBall { -NOTELEPORT }
Copy/paste that in a new text file which you'll call decorate.txt, and autoload that decorate.txt file by putting it in your zdoom-user.ini:
And there you go, now plasma and rockets teleport. You can use the same system for any projectile you want, really, including those from other games and those from enemies.

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