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peach freak

Replacing Ultimate Doom intermission screen

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How hard is it to actually do? Unlike replacing Doom 2's intermission screen, you need to replace structures, the animating stuff, and so on. Are there any WADs which have completely replaced any of Ultimate Doom's intermission screens? That sounds like a really hard thing to do though.....

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Replace all the small bits and pieces with blank sprites. Then just replace the main interpic with your standard intermission screen. Simple stuff.

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I have once in a TC I made in the 90ies. Not as much as I had planned though. It was easy to get lazy.

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DuckReconMajor said:

Has anyone ever actually utilized the Ultimate Doom intermission screen animation?

ive always wanted to. it seems like such a pain in the ass though. Also it bothers me how the buildings in the intermissions were not shaped like they are in the automap.

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40oz said:

ive always wanted to.

As have I. However, I think it only looks so tough because you see all the little lights and things and think you have to stick to that. But really, they're just animation frames, you can do what you want with them.

When I first played Ultimate Doom I was so disappointed that E4 had no such intermission screen. It was even more disappointing in Doom 2.

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lupinx-Kassman said:

Haha yes, the intermission screens of the first three episodes were very awesome. It made the game feel a bit deeper somehow.

Me too. It made it feel like it was a coherent game, unlike Doom II which felt like a bunch of (mediocre) levels bundled together with a text screen to explain why the sky had changed every so often.

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