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Point me to some WADs of specific types please

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I am looking for some WADs to illustrate the benefits of various engines, as well as some interesting wads in a few different themes.
First is a very common theme.
I'd like your opinions on some good Episode 1 style WADs. Perferrably with a few more weapons and enemies than the original Episode 1. (e.g. Plasma rifle, maybe BFG, more Barons & lost souls, and maybe even some doom ii monsters or freshly created ones.)
I've already looked at KDiZD and it looks ideal. I'm also, however looking for other wads in the same style or similar at least. They don't have to be "do-overs" of the episode 1 maps, just the same style of mapping. Also, Boom-style or EDGE style maps are preferred over ZDOOM style maps.
The next theme i'm interested in is the bowels of hell map theme, episode 3, 4, style, but also possibly doom 2 MAP20-30 style. Basically, shitload of monsters and powerups, hellish wall textures, either for Ultimate doom, or Doom II wads. Not insane difficulty on Hurt Me Plenty (i'm a novice player, i don't play Ultra-violence). And any source port compatiblity will work. Thanks!
Finally, i'm interested in some WADS pointing out the benefits of the following engines:
and most importantly PrBOOM+/PRBOOM/BOOM-compatible. I know that most state-of-the-art mapping has moved to ZDOOM/GZDOOM but BOOM-style maps rock in the sense that they are pure doom, but with almost no limits and a few new effects and things. Also, i have a soft spot in my heart for the BOOM style source ports, portable and standard as they are. PrBOOM in particular runs on everything, and PRBOOM+ is a straightforward GPL license so easily portable and packagable.

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For an EP1 fix, try Southern Cross by Gunrock, which is for ZDoom.

For the Hell theme, Titan 2 by Ixnatifual is my favourite at the moment. It also requires GZDoom for the 3D floors and skyboxes.

Another couple of good showcases for GZDoom are Ultimate Torment & Torture and Sapphire by Tormentor667.

As for wads that show off Doomsday, the first one which comes to mind is the Doom64 TC, but also UAC by quake4ever which is still being worked on but is a bit more traditional than D64. For Risen3D, try anything by sitters.

For the Boom engine, the obvious one for me is Deus Vult, however I first played this in Risen3D and it rocked. Boom with all of Doomsday's visual treats (slurp).

Oh, and if you want a taste of what ZDoom can REALLY do, try CIF3 by Kaiser. Just be sure to a: downgrade your ZDoom version and b: get yer arse handed to you on a silver platter ;)

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