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Snowball's Second Chance

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This is something I worked on during the summer and finally got around to fixing and finishing. This is a remake of Snowball's Chance for ZDaemon. It should work okay in ZDoom and Skulltag but I've not tested it in these.

This is basically a speedrun-emphasized, multiplayer-compatible version with a simple scoring system implemented. The map is largely unchanged in terms of layout and flow, but a few things have been modified and added to accommodate the speedrunning aspects and scoring system. Like the original wad, the players are teleported back to the start, occasionally. I've preserved that behavior and extended it's functionality to multiplayer games (teleporting results in the acquisition of keys, which allows the players to teleport once each time independently of each other). Because of this, the map is broken into three parts, separated by these teleport events, which I call "phases". For cooperative games, all players must pass through all three phases and meet up at the exit before the timer will stop.

Throughout the map are various tasks you can do to acquire points. For cooperative games, players are awarded points collectively, so each player can contribute to the overall score. Some things that give points: collecting armor, opening some doors, stepping on designated touchplates, and killing monsters. You also get bonus points for completing the level within a certain amount of time. See the text file for more info on this. Note that the scoring system is far from perfect; higher scores are skewed towards faster times.

Anyways, this was more of an experimental wad than anything. I don't really expect any raving reviews, although I've played this offline and online plenty of times to know it's some good fun. I'm just releasing it here so I can get some feedback on the overall concept, and hopefully garner a bit of interest from the speedrunning crowd. I'd love to see some demos. :)

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