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PrBoom Questionds

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I just recently downloaded PRboom and i love the Enhanced DOS approach. Its my second fav. port with GZDoom. I hope to make maps using Boom soon in a more classic way, as opposed to my detailed mapping in GZDoom.

The only questions i have, is will i ever be able to turn Autoaim off? I want to be able to freely aim without Doom's restraints, and keep the classic feel without switching over to gzdoom out of frustration. Ill be honest, PrBoom is the shit. Hands down.

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Aw, not really a loss then. I get the grip of Boom, amazing friendly monsters, all in a good port. I can live with Autoaim!!

Thanks :D
when will the next Boom release come out?

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Also, just in case you meant free/mouse look when you said autoaim. You might want to know that running the GLBoom-Plus.exe found in the PrBoom-Plus distribution in OpenGL mode will allow you to enable free/mouse look... you know, looking up and down even though autoaim cannot be turned off.

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