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Add some line actions

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Problem: adding line actions in DoomBuilder 1
Port: Edge

Can I add some line actions into the menu list and use them?
For example: I want 340 (action number) - "Plane" in to Edge-based levels.

Wirting in edge.cfg from DB1?

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You should be able to add them to the Linedef Types section of EDGE.cfg.
I've been puzzling over action 340 - where can I find a reference to it?

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340 is not a standard EDGE linetype.

I think it is a ZDoom linetype though.

So I think the answer to the original question is: no, this won't work because EDGE does not support all the features of ZDoom (and vice versa).

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The line action number 340 is the "Plane Align" of GZDoom config (Doom Format).
(An example, because GZDoom has got more as one "Plane Align"-actions, I think, 340 to 346).

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I have way too much time on my hands.

(640x480 - 43k)

With a bit of playing around I got detail slopes working, mirrors (obviously), flat alignment (from left to right - 45 degree angle, deliberately mis-aligned & 32 pixel offset) and a thin sliding door - which is out-of-shot. Haven't mastered ladders yet.

Like I said in another thread - editing config files isn't difficult, just tedious.

Here's the config file - let me know how you get on.

Ninja Edit - noticed that detail slopes look odd when viewed in mirrors.

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