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dark santaclaus


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i just got a gigabyte geforce2 mx 400 64mb and it runs good with quake3, but a have noticed things like the textures in hitman that dont look as good as it used to with the voodoo3, can you tell me what can i do to tweak it?, and what is the overclocking???

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With the overclocking:

You're just going to have to experiment. Move up 5 MHz for core and and run a benchmarking program like 3DMark2001 madonion.com, until you get lockups, program crashes, or graphical glitches (aka white dots in Q3, missing textures and such.)

When you get one of the symptoms above decrease the speed by 3MHz and test it again till you find a stable setting.

Do the same thing as above with your memory.

When you have found the max of your core and memory run a few benchmarks and look at them closely for glitches.

As far as image quality goes:

Enable one of the following:

>>> Trilinear filtering
>>> anisotropic filtering level 2
>>> or anisotropic level 4

Do this either from your drivers or your games. They will greatly increase the image quality over just plain Bilinear filtering, but there will be a performance hit with anisotropic filtering.

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There's a program you can get for all Geforce class cards called the GeForce Tweaker Utility. I can't remember the URL, so just google for it. It'll allow you to tweak the hell out of your GeForce.


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Oh yeah...forgot to mention the proggies..

1. RivaTuner (packed with features)
2. GTU aka GeForce Tweak Utility (also feature loaded)
3. nVMax (not as extensive feature set, but still thorough. It's quick and easy to apply tweaks using this prog.)
4. PowerStrip (works with almost any model and brand of vid card)

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