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correct format for sounds to work properly in all ports?

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in zdoom, you can import nearly any sound format and it plays perfectly.

but in prboom+, i try 11025hz 8bit mono and the sound plays slow and low pitched. i try 22050hz 8bit mono and it plays too fast and high pitched.

in eternity, they just don't play at all no matter what.

is there a certain format they need to be in or is there just something wrong with the specific sound files im using?

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Make sure that when imported to the WAD, the sound is saved as a "Doom format" sound or "Doom Wave". In XWE, for example, the Wave menu showing up for sounds lets you (re)save any sound in that format. Sounds have to be 8-bit mono but can be of any frequency, not just 22050 or 11025.

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