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anyone any good at 3d rendering?

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I'm looking for someone who's good at 3D rendering for a non-Doom, but gaming related project.

I need fantasy (think d&d) type area graphics: anything from a medieval city, town, village, inn or castle, to forested areas, caverns (normal, icy and volcanic), ruins, etc.

The size of the renders would vary greatly; anywhere from 512x384 for the inside of a house to 4500x3500 for part of a city, a small town, etc.

See http://haunt.8m.com/render.html for a small example, from Baldur's Gate. But please, don't follow my example and use the jpg format ;)

Even if you only have time to create one render, I'd be extremely grateful. I can provide textures for rendering if needed.

Reply here or to nick@frad.org if you're interested. Thanks!

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