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IoD Redux. (Cancelled)

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I have heard what everyone has said about the old version of IOD and I happen to agree that it is somewhat dissapointing. I think some of the research I did into gzdoom features might finally pay off as I am now halfway through my total overhaul of Infinity of Destruction.
I promise that this time, my project will be more faithfull to it source of inspiration. (Turok: Dinosaur Hunter and Turok 2: Seed of Evil) while at the same time focusing more on enjoyable gameplay and less on redundancy.
What this project currently features:

+A fully fuctional Hub Map (like Hexen or Turok 1 and 2).

+Five authentic Turok Weapons (Auto Shotgun, Assault Rifle, Bow, Pistols, and Pulse Rifle) Please note however that the bow and the pulse rifle were borrowed from Murden's Turokdoom Mod for Skulltag and has had some modifications done to both weapon's code for more desirable results. The Auto Shotgun, The Assault rifle and the Pistol were ripped from ingame screenshots and coded by me.

+Three New weapons (The Unmaker, The Firebrand, And a new Shotgun)

+New Enemies (Velocirator, Dimetredon, Saurian Footsoilders, Blind Ones, And a Secret cult out to stop our Hero.)

+Seven Maps done so far (Counting the Hub, the Bossfight Maps, The Levels, Etc).

+The Plot is literally contained in the Manual (like a pair of certain FPSes we know of)
As I am aware however, this forum policy requires that I have at least one screenshot to prove my words.

This screenie comes from a area in my version of The Port of Adia.
notice how I utilized gzdoom's Fog intensity effect to simulate and/or emulate the ever so iconic distance fog effect that appears in Turok: Dinosaur Hunter and Turok 2: Seed of Evil.

I have also chosen to loosely remake six levels from turok one and two.

Here is the list of what I have done so far:

*MAP01:The Port of Adia 100%
MAP02:The Hub Area 100%
MAP03:Boss Fight #1 Cyberdemon 100% (Some kinks and loose ends still need to be work out)
*MAP04:The Lair of the Blind Ones 100%
*MAP05:The River of Souls 100%
MAP06:Boss Fight #2 ???? 100% (Just to leave you guessing)
MAP07:Chi Gem Dungeon 100% (this is where you fight this mystery cult for the First Time and obtain a piece of the Unmaker)
**MAP08:The Treetop Village 100%
**MAP09:The Lost City 50%

* Turok 2 Level
** Turok 1 Level
*** Traditional Doom Level

and here is a list of planned but unassigned levels

**MAP??:The Catacombs

The plot as of this time is only half-baked. please comment

Edit: Public 3.8 Demo available for downloading
http://www.mediafire.com/file/0xdmouz2dmd/IOD Redux 3.8 Demo.wad

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This looks like a very promising mod, though you did mention something about plot, which implies to me that you may or may not be planning on making cutscenes. If you do go that route, please make your cutscenes skippable, because otherwise it will become very aggravating to die.

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http://www.mediafire.com/file/0xdmouz2dmd/IOD Redux 3.8 Demo.wad
I now have a demo of my mod ready for the general public (Even though it does not have the manual yet). Be warned however that this is an Alpha demo and it is a bit unstable at best. (I.E don try to use the numbers to swap weapons. It tends to freeze the game for some unknown reason. Something to do with the DECORATE code, I think.) Also, The Lost City is not completed yet and neither are The Catacombs.

This Mod only work in GZDOOM with OpenGL Enabled. You will also need to have your keys set for jumping and crouching.

Please leave comments and advice on how to improve. Also, Don't be afraid of reporting bugs if you see them.

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I am cancelling this project for the following reasons:

1. (Almost) No public Support.
2. The project ifself is rather disorganized
3. I no longer have the patience or the inspiration that I had when this project begun.
4. I should've formed this project's plot first before I did any actual level designing.
Moderators, Please send this thread to post hell or delete it all together.

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That screenshot doesn't exactly look interesting, but I will say you did manage to do one thing right; mapping before a story.

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