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Various Artistic Endeavors

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So I was rooting around in my photobucket and deviantART accounts and found a bunch of art I feel is unappreciated. Some of it is hand-drawn, scanned then colored digitally, and some is purely manipulated photos. Allow the art to commence!



Rave 'til You Die

dJ_MoBo Logo


Lysergic Acid Diethylamide

Idle Hands

Damaged Beauty

Damaged Beauty II


The God of Apathetic Discontentment


Tar Man

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Scarred and dimethyldoll were awesome. Very profound, really captured a sense of deep emotion..

Psylocybin and L.A.D. I really liked too. Again something deep there. The floating chemical symbols looked amazing.

Neat stuff man.

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I didn't care for the photo manipulation pieces too much, it's not that they're bad or anything, it just isn't my cup of tea when it comes to art. The Tar Man design is kind of neat though.

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the Tar Man reminds me of one of the zombies in Return of the living Dead. Is that where you got the inspiration from?

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That's exactly where the Tar Man is from, actually. :]) I was very apprehensive about doing the whole photo-manipulation thing at first, but once I started doing it and figuring out how to get results I liked it grew on me.

I'll search for more hand-drawn stuff that I haven't already posted here.

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