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Eternal Doom IV (Map 11) Red Key Card

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Single-Player Mode. I have the Red Skull Key. I can see the Red Key Card. It looks like I need the Red Key Card to get the Blue Skull Key (seen briefly). I need a hint how to get the Red Key Card, or whatever Key should follow the Red Skull Key. I can see that the cell keyholes,
including the Red Key Card cell keyhole, match the Runic Symbol on three support pillars in another sector.

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Oh sorry didn't fully read your post. Are you sure it's map 11? Because I don't think there is a red key card in map 11 I could go look for it though for you.

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Note that this is Eternal Doom IV, not Eternal Doom III. The Red Key Card is located in a dungeon area of Map 11 -- "Return to the Forlorn Fortress". The dungeon area is located in a NE sector of the map. It looks like I will need to use IDDT and IDCLIP to locate the Keys and Key Cards first, then see how their locations are linked together. I am using this method for Map 12 -- "The House at Pooneil Corners." I made it through Map 27 -- "The Shrine" -- with few problems. If you have not played Map 27, it is a "must do". ZDoom is required for Eternal Doom IV.

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