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rehashing the Doom: Fall of Mars project

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I've decided to start fresh with a better post detailing my skills dealing with art and game graphics.

I'm looking to remake Doom: Fall of Mars ( http://www.moddb.com/games/doom-fall-of-mars )

It was made with Game Maker which is similar to RPG Maker only less user-friendly.
There are many tutorials on how to create various kinds of games-

I need a coder/scripter to do all the gruntwork. I do realize it's perhaps too much to ask.

I didn't link my art in the other post because my web host doesn't allow hotlinking. It can work though, you just need to click my links, then press reload, or copy and paste my links in a new tab.

As for mods of other games, i've never uploaded them. Most of the sprites and mods that i have made were just for personal use or for fun. My doom levels aren't getwad worthy.... yet. Some of them were just me playing around, making curved stairs, learning how to make doors and lifts, making my own very crude but detailed version of GothicDM, etc.

I have made a double-rocket launcher Cyberdemon with 2 bionic legs, but i'm not sure where to upload the zip to. Rapidshare deletes files, so i guess i wanted something permanent if anyone knows a good site.

I used to be with Unidoom and i did the site graphics, but it was in frames and other horrid stuff. Since then i've stopped using Paint Shop Pro, and now I use Photoshop CS4. I've followed about 60-70 tutorials on how to make glass orbs, space backgrounds, brushes, and so forth.

I've made wallpapers for Diablo 3, nothing too impressive though. Mostly cut-and-paste or coloring of official D3 artwork.

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You really don't need to create a completely new topic just so you know.

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Kracov said:

I have made a double-rocket launcher Cyberdemon with 2 bionic legs, but i'm not sure where to upload the zip to. Rapidshare deletes files, so i guess i wanted something permanent if anyone knows a good site.

Your Cyber sounds like the Annihilator in Tormentor's Bestiary. For free file hosting I'd recommend either FileFront or MediaFire, they're not permanent but so long as the account or files aren't inactive for extended periods they'll remain online.

Don't know anything about Game Maker so can't help you there.

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Here's some monsters from a game project i've been working on for the last 14 years. it was originally intended to be like Doom, but over the years certain parts were meshed into it, and now has slight resemblances to Quake and Duke Nukem. And remember to refresh or copy/paste so the links work


I have about 17-18 monsters total, all have been drawn on paper. I also have various weapons, armor concepts, level names and stories. I'm still in the process of revising the art for my monsters (better anatomy and style).

This is one of various game/comic ideas/projects that i have stored in my file cabinet that houses more than 1,000 drawings, and hundreds of characters and weapons.

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