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Skulltag and the map !?

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hi guys having fun?
ok.i have few questions for you:

1-when i run wads (any wad hexen,heretic....) using skulltag,the first thing that appears is the iwad table including the graphic mode that the game uses to run (opengl...)
the problem here is that when i set it on hardware opngl,fullscreen. i cannot see the map normally even if i get the map or the cheat code.
when i disable the graphics that shown above i mean (software doom) it works and i can see the map!!
so what does this mean? is it me who can't run the game in a right way or it's only a bug?

2- a custom monster called "moloch",when i added him to my wad i cannot play the wad due to an "error?"
if someone knows how to deal with these problems tell me.
thanx in advance.

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You might want to note what graphics card your computer uses, as OpenGL depends on it. As for the new monster, post the exact error you get.

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