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Ghouls vs Humans map

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My attempt at a good map for the popular skulltag mod, Ghouls versus Humans.

This map is based off a small cargo ship in the midst of a storm. I tried out a new way to make waves, by actually creating many rooms with increasing slopes and moving a skybox viewpoint through them rapidly to give a movie like wave effect around the ship. I have some cool features, inlcuding a working foghorn. I put a delay on the foghorn so players can't spam the hell out of it :P I put plenty of places for creeper to hide. I also tried to make this map as "camp proof" as possible, but fair.

Get it here: http://wadhost.fathax.com/files/gvhboat.zip


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This is probably going to really own when it's finished. The wave effect alone will be reason enough for me to download it.

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Fisk said:

Reminds me an awful lot of Wetwork from Call of Duty 4, which isn't really bad, but...

I was definitely thinking the same thing. but a boat with lots of crates on it is kinda generic.

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