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---help me to help the others------
good afternoon everybody,i hope you are enjoying your time.well...

1-do you remember doom1? in the level e1m8 after you kill the barons the floor lowers,in e2m8 after you kill cyberdemon you end the game?
or in doom2 when you kill the icon of sin you exit the level?

2-all the monsters that menshioned above have a special action command, if you go to xwe you'll find:

all these are about the monsters of heretic and doom actions.
my question is don't custom monsters have a SpecialAction?
if yes how could i do it? i used xwe to add some new commands as:
but all i got when i tried to launch my map was "a bad syntax"
because when i modify the xwe file and save it i make the same changes in mapinfo!

map map04 "the temple of oziross"
cluster 4
sky1 stsky9 0.0
music D_BETWEE
next map05
secretnext MAP07

--------thank you very much-------------

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You really shouldn't use "attention whoring" topics just to get people to look at your thread. I was about to bust out the anti-spam because frankly this topic sounds like something a spambot would generate.

Anyway, that irritation aside, in the original game engine all of the actions you are referring to are hard-coded events, both with respect to the types of monsters that trigger them, and the levels on which they occur. This means there was no effective way to apply these actions to arbitrary monsters or maps.

However most ports that support some type of dynamic specification for thing types and mapinfo have generalized these actions in both directions, so that you can assign them to arbitrary monsters or arbitrary maps, or even make your own similar but completely unrelated actions that do things none of the originals did. Amongst those I know support this for certain are ZDoom and Eternity. I wouldn't be surprised to find it also in Vavoom, and possibly EDGE. However the ways of doing it are different in every port.

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