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A bad (joke)wad. Was kicking around random ideas about midnight and made this in about 3 hours. It's only 4 areas big, 22 monsters, and a few random effects and textures and music. I demand gggmork uses the midi for one of his feckyoo maps ;)


The textures don't actually look that out of place. Might take a bit to see which ones are actually changed. Cookie to the first one who gets all 6 I used. Not all are obvious ...

Here's the midi ggg ;)
Ska-remix of OoT's shop music

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Heh, funny but enjoyable/cheesy song. I cheated on finding which textures were different by looking in doombuilder, but guessing where that song came from is a challenge since it seems familiar. From the game 'cool spot'? I usually play with -nomusic (helps harness concentration or something.. actually no sound at all might even help in that respect), but guess it could fit on a feckyoo map in a weird sarcastic way w/o making the file size much bigger. I think some people, like those with perfect pitch, have brains capable of creating melody and some just don't. I'm in the latter category but tinker a lot anyway; I'm pretty much only able to produce melodic cheese and tend to get stuck in a short loop since I suck at music theory, ex:
Making serious 'doom' music is pretty much impossible for me for some reason.

The star area is interesting since you did it in a weird way where both sides of the lines point to the same sector or something.. (another way to do that is with the linedef action: create/create fake ceiling or floor (or something like that, forget how exactly).

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It's from the legend of zelda; ocarina of time ... well a remix. Anyway I made the textures like that cause I randomly found out you can change the grid size to anything in DB2. It would've been more obvious if I switched to something higher than 42 though. That star is a self-referencing sector, I think the trick even works in vanilla it's that old.

For midis I usually surf the net for stuff that I think would work then make maps around them, it works a lot better than making a map then trying to find a midi to fit it, then fail and just leave the old doom music in. Finding music after the fact can make the map kinda weird, like the music I chose for MAP27 of my ep, doesn't really fit but I like it.

For your midi-making, I'd suggest some space. It's like talking, if you talk for like 2 minutes straight there's no significant punctuation. They don't have to be long spaces either, just a second here, a half second there. Also choose different instruments than your sample, if the natural tone of something sounds cheesy it'll stay cheesy no matter what you do with it. It reminded me of a game I played a long time ago, putt-putts adventures through time or something, except it was the paint music which is always weird, abstract, and makes for rather odd coloring schemes -.-

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