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Icon of sin not working.

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Here is the map in question, I am making a map like hr2final.wad map30 and the icon of sin will not work, It is not set as deaf, but it will not wake up when I enter the final room. This map is for MAP30.

I just need some help on getting it to work.


I have uploaded the modified version, and the spawners stil will not react. I am using Zdoom 2.3.1 on Linux and the Afrits will see me but the spawners will not react to me, I had a look at the scythe 2 dehacked file and that is nto the cause, I wonder what the cause is...

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The monster spawners are facing the wrong way, they have to "see" you just like a normal monster would right now, a line blocks the vision of the spawners. They are also facing the wrong way.

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