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Unwanted Patch Changing

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I recently broke up a large wad into several smaller wads. When I went to play test them everything worked fine until I got to MAP 10.
Most of my new textures were constantly changing from texture to texture. I don't know how to keep them to stay on 1 texture and not change. Here are the files so you can see for yourself. Warp to Map 10 and step through the teleport and you will see what I am describing.






You will need all 5 wads for it to run properly.

EDIT: Sorry about that. They are on rapid share now.

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Fortunately I'd downloaded the troublemaker (basetexture.wad) before seeing those messages.

The cause of the problem is SLADRIP3 (part of an anim sequence that's hard-coded into the game engine) which is located a fair way above SLADRIP1 in the texture lump. To fix the problem - delete the existing SLADRIP3 entry and create a new one at the end of the texture list below SLADRIP2.

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Upload these files to Box.net or Mediafire.
Also, why do you uploaded these wads all seperately? Can't you just put them into ONE rar file?

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Thanks for the help. Also I was in rush to get them online, so I did not take the time to put them in a zip or rar archive.

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