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I could use a playtester

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Hey gang

I could use a playterster for a WAD I am building. It's for zdoom(1), and it's maybe a third done. the first battle annihilated my friend to the point of frustration pretty quick, but he's not a big doom player. let me know if you are willing to play the map and offer feedback.

send an email to emilharold@gmail.com and I shall send the WAD



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Hey, I finally got around to playing your end3.wad. First off, let me say that I love the design. The techbase feel, the slime pits, the translucent floors. Can't say why, but I really like this map. How did you do those translucent floors anyways, and what editor did you use? I'm just curious to know. The detail is excellent, and I really like the pentagram shape that the map is starting to form. That crack in the wall where you can see into a dark area was really cool, its things like this that add to the atmosphere of a demon infested techbase.

Now gameplay, well it was a nice challenge on the Im Too Young Too Die. I say leave the monsters how they are, but implement difficulty levels. Players are gonna want the difficulty option. Leave it so all monsters appear on hard like they do now, but less on medium, and less on easy. The map is a bit complex, and involves a little switch hunting, but I think this is a good thing. Most players should be able to easily navigate around the map after playing a little. When I first loaded up the map, I thought you had forgotten to put monsters, but I soon learned I was wrong when the doors in the center room opened up and flooded me with monsters. Maybe throw in a couple powerups, like a soulsphere, but set them to appear on harder skills only.

Please keep me updated, this map has lots of potential. I'll be happy to keep testing for you until this project is completed.

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