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Unnamed project by Talvi

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So after some time doing nothing but playing maps and seldomly reading the forum, I decided to make an account here and take off the dust of my current project, since my older maps are so bad I deleted them.

Right now, I just have 1 map and a half, but the first was made like a couple years ago, and now that I have more experience I feel it's not as good as it could. Still I'll upload it here soon just so people can comment about it.

Here are some pics:


There are difficulty settings and many monsters. Map usually takes me around half an hour to complete in UV, and there are around 600 monsters without massive fights (other than that imp one). There isn't much detailing and I'll probably end up redoing the map.

Here are some shots of the other map I'm doing, more or less 40% done.


As you can see, there's much more detailing, since now I have much more experience and a lot of ideas of what to do when mapping.

Expect some updates in the next few days.

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Talvi said:

since my older maps are so bad I deleted them.

You're going to regret doing that. You can tell you have improved with mapping, the later shots look pretty decent.

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My old maps look like 1994 maps, I will never regret that. Also I remember how they were and will probably do most ideas for some of my future maps, or even redo some.

Isn't there any current project where I could fit a single map?

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Nice shots, seems as you decided to go for an old-style Doom level, which is what I particularly like :-).

Looking forward to d/l your wad as soon as you'll release it !

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Talvi said:

My old maps look like 1994 maps, I will never regret that.

I wouldn't be so sure. Back when I was playing deathmatch with ZCajun bots on ZDoom, a bunch of my first maps when I was first getting into mapping were deathmatch maps that I wish I still had. They were definitely underdetailed and were about 1996 quality but they would have been fun to recycle.

Especially to fill in for the remaining 10 mapslots of my Motornerve megawad.

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