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Things number

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I've been having trouble with the things numbers. When a switch is activated, the thing {fountain(green)}is supposed to appear via Thing_Spawn but i need the number of the thing. Where can I get the list of the things numbers ?

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Assuming we are talking Zdoom, get the info you need here:


Which is part of the online manual:


Names (as listed on the above linked page) or thing numbers should work fine in a script. To be fair though, I can't see a fountain in the list (anyone?). Although, if you put a fountain on a map but flag it as "dormant" it will not produce particles until you activate it using

Thing_Activate (tid)

And you can deactivate it again using

Thing_Deactivate (tid)

You can get a downloadable version of the Zdoom editing reference from http://zdoom.notgod.com/download.php but it doesn't include much, if any, of the new zdoom 1.23 features (still very useful though).

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