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Windows Errors

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For gits and shiggles. You can make your own Windows style error messages on that site.

However, supposedly you have to save the image and upload it somewhere for it to work right.

So, what interesting error messages will pop up on YOUR screens?

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Well, that site sucks because it has consistency problems with the XP theme, has limited options and very limited (mostly Windows 3.1/95) icons.

That said... Productivity Recertification I'm surprised they haven't tried that yet.

BTW, those links to the page only work with JavaScript enabled. Also noticed linking to the page only works correctly if you don't have a multi-line message. It gets confused over its <br /> tags. :)

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Is that sort of thing even funny anymore? This isn't 1997/1999

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Creaphis said:
this is a Doom forum

Yeah, besides, what Maes says more or less implies it might have been funny back then because it was a novelty. It's easier to bring up the "funney" by sticking to a fad, but we know that any sufficiently intelligent person can use any medium, however old or repeatedly used, to entertain people or provoke their intellect in a comical way.

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