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Greenwar 2 Released

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Greenwar 2 is, as you may have expected, the sequel to the highly-acclaimed deathmatch megawad Greenwar. It has 36 maps. It has an awesome variety of free-for-all and duel layouts designed by Hellbent, Greenwar's original creator. It has mind-boggling detail work done by the YEDS team responsible for the Cacoward-winning 32in24 series, as well as some other folks you might have heard of, all done while preserving the original layout and gameplay. It has a crapload of new textures. It has like a billion levels that Mechadon detailed up all fancy-like at the absolute last minute so that this thing could be pushed out the door after 2 years of sitting on it. What more could you possibly want? Go HERE for screenies and download.

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fffffffiiiiiirrrrsssssssstttttttttttttt pppppppppoooooooossssssssttttttttttttt


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Mirror is here

I'm still slightly disappointed that the maps don't share the relatively simple and minimalist detail of the first outing, but after playing on them myself I can say that in the majority of cases the detail does not get in the way of the gameplay.

I will be updating my Skulltag server to run the final version of Greenwar 2 very shortly.

EDIT: It's up.
Server name: [NJ] FUNCRUSHER+ NEW JERSEY || Classic Greenwar 2 Deathmatch
IP: or funcrusherplus.net:10655

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