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SkullTag Player no bump

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In Port Skulltag the Player can't hurt by explosive waves (Rocket,...) or bites/melees (Normally the player moving out).

How I can activate the actiontype "push wave"?

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hmm, i´m afraid you must clarify. If i understand correctly your asking whey your doomguy wont take damage. May be a powerup or cheat, err. If you are a editor and you want to make a new damage type, then right above the states add your damage type. Then Below the actor you make the new damage type. its all here: http://zdoom.org/wiki/Main_Page

But yeah, clarify your question please.

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No, no. That isn't.

Okay, I try...

When a bomb explode in very small range to you, you fly away.
Push wave, you are unterstanding?

This goesn't by skulltag player.

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I think he means whenever you are hurt, you are pushed back by it.

You want to disable this? Or does this just not work for you? Is it the push that does not work, or is it the damage?

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