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Ribo Zurai

Psychophobia Went Crazy.

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There's something that made me says What The Hell for at least 2 hours. I was playing the Map15 (Valley of Damnation), and I was in a corridor close of a door. After that door, was room full of cultists, and a wall revealed a demon image in the other side of the room.

Suddenly, lots of cultists died in fire, my HP raised to ridiculous 2200 HP, and my speed... Oh my. I was extremely fast, much more faster than I could control. That speed don't changed with my HP under 15 (was so freaking hard to lower those 2200 HP...), and even in the next level my speed don't got back to normal. What the hell is wrong with this game?

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You know, I noticed that too. I forgot to bring it up in our conversation, maybe I should go and do that...

When I say our, I mean a conversation with Cobalt lol

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Probably adjust in the Options menu somewhere, I think it's under the Mouse Settings.

Just talked to Cobalt, he said he fixed the glitch and is uploading v2.04.

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