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Graphics Importing Issue.

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Finally I've gotten into importing things into my Lumps.

Problem is, I've been trying with Graphics but it goes nutty.

I made a basic status bar here, and imported it (using SlumpEd) and when playing, it's color fades and goes pinkish, as pictured.

I could understand if it was a palette issue, but I think I remember than when some of the original bar was still there, even then the color warped. I may be remembering things wrong though. If it is a palette issue, is there a way around it, or can someone give me an image of the usable colors?

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Your status bar appears to be using the correct palette and didn't give me any grief. I noticed you uploaded the graphic as a PNG, did you convert it to a Doom graphic after importing? Having the original status bar go haywire is unusual, last time I had that occur on a semi-regular basis was when using Legacy. Which source port are you using?

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The programs I use are Skulltag 98a, SlumpEd, Doom Builder 2, and MS Paint. (I hope one of those is the source port,) I'd make the bar in MS Paint and then import it, and Convert To > Doom Gfx inside the wad (using SlumpEd). Then save, and next time I go back to the wad, the Lump STBAR is in Graphic format, so I'm pretty sure I convert it.

Note: It was originally in BMP when I imported and converted it. It's PNG now because of uploading the image to Imageshack

Does anyone have any idea what the issue might be?

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(Yeh yeh double post. I'm only bumping it cause I have a whole new issue.)

I fixed the above. Using XWE just... worked. But now something else popped up while I was using XWE.

Notice that the firearms bar is not really where it should be. I don't even know where to start on this one.

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