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Wrong level number.

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I edit a big level, but I was idiot - the level was number 5, but the level should be in number 4. How I can swap the levels?

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How do you mean?

1) When making the map with Doom Builder (assuming you used Doom Builder), when making a new map, did you make it MAP05? If so, you can simply go to Map Configuration (which is somewhere on the row of tools above the editing screen), and change it from MAP05 to MAP04. Ignore the warning.

2) If you did this within a megaWAD itself, I really can't help you (and I really don't know what I'm saying for this option).

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BadCompany said:

@Abyss: It's answer 1. Damn...I should go off and hurt myself head.

No! Don't do that! We want good maps, not from some guy who hit himself in the head with a board.

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