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Doom GBA - Questions for the Doom masters...

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I was just playing Doom for the GBA and some questions have come up. I'm pretty sure the answers to these are parallel to the 32x version of Doom as I've read somewhere about some glitches in the game.

E1M2 (Nuclear Plant). I hear an Imp at the end of the level, but can't find one. I remember reading about that on the 32x that there is an Imp they left in behind the switch for the end of the level. I have, however, forgot to knock this guy off for 100% kills. I'm SURE there's an Imp here.

E2M2 (Containment Area). Same type of problem. Can't get 100% kills again. I also read for the 32x that the set of hallways just parallel to the hallway leading to the Mega Armor has some enemies in it. Any way to kill them? I might be wrong on this one...

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Also Halls of the Damned; the 2 rooms with the Barons and Demons in them in the outer hallways still has them, but you can't get to them (the doors don't open, IOW).

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