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Textures and XME

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While i'm not a begginer at making levels, i'm kinda new at importing graphics ( in that case it's textures )
I've been using Doombuilder 2 for my map and using the Community Chest 4 textures pack ( and some custom flats as well )
Problem happen when i test my level ( currently using Eternity )
every floor and ceiling textures look fine, but walls aren't showing!
I've been reading some tutorial for XME but everytime i'm trying to start it i get the following error 'failed to create key wad auto file/Default icon ( XME 1.16 ) and then 'list index out of bound'
Any help would be great!

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Both problems could be access rights issues, which version of Windows are you running and where do you have Doom Builder/Eternity/XWE installed?
The wad testing glitch sounds like a virtual folder issue. As for XWE, there's a couple of work-arounds in this thread you can try.

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