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Looping Scripts?

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Hello, everyone of Doomworld, and thank you for taking the time to look my post,

I'm wanting to know if it is possible to make a script loop? Because I have something that I want to go up, then after a delay it will go back down, but i need it to always do it, so is it possible to make a script loop? If so how? Or is there an easier way get what I want to happen?

Thank you for any answers

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Usually it is a good idea to post the script itself, then it is much easier for people to see exactly what you are trying to do.

You can loop scripts with a "restart;" command at the end of the script.

Script 1 OPEN
Floor_RaiseByValue(tag, speed, height);
Floor_LowerByValue(tag, speed, height);

This will make a floor go up and down forever until the script is terminated. The delay must be greater than the time taken for the floor to go up/down tho.

Is this sort of what you were asking?

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If you don't need precise control over the delay a perpetual lift can also be implemented using Boom generalised actions, the only drawback being the need to activate it - though that could be done using a voodoo doll.

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