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How do I patch the pl2's deh file in the Plutonia exe?

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I just can't find a proper dehacked exe version to do it... The ones I got only get errors! So how do I patch that damn deh file in the plutonia's executable?

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There's no longer a need to patch executables - unless you have something against source ports.

What's your "Plutonia executables" name, size and date-stamp? If it's something like (Doom95.exe - 775,117 - 6-Jun-96) you're out of luck.

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Yeah, you won't be able to patch the executable unless you have a DOS-era version of Final DOOM that includes a special version of the DOS executable, named DOOM2.EXE. If you do have that and want to patch it, the DeHackEd version to use is this one. You can use source ports that support DeHackEd, as well, to play, and if you lack the Final DOOM DOS executable and wish to check out how it works under that executable, you can get Chocolate Doom, which imitates the DOS versions quite closely.

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Yes, I mean the DOS one. I just tried to use that same dehacked program (also same version, 3.1, I thought there were another) that myk pointed, and before I patch it, there happens some text strings errors. Maybe I did something wrong in the configuration file.

Teh ini file:

# This is the DeHackEd v3.0a config file.
# Lines that start with '#' are comments.

# 'editname' is the name of the Doom exe file to hack.  The 'normalname'
# should be the name of your original (unmodified) Doom exe file.  The
# 'normalname' exe will NOT be modified by DeHackEd, but only referred
# to at several times for pristine data.

# For Ultimate DOOM
# editname = g:\doom\doom.exe
# normalname = g:\doom\doombak.exe

# For DOOM ][
editname = c:\doom2\doom2bak.exe
normalname = c:\doom2\doom2.exe

# The name and location of your Doom WAD.
# wadname = g:\doom\doom.wad

# For DOOM ][
wadname = c:\doom2\doom2.wad

# The path to your Doom directory.  This is where Doom will be run
# from when you 'r'un Doom inside DeHackEd.
pathname = c:\doom2

# pathname = g:\doom

# Command line arguments when Doom is run from within DeHackEd.
params = -skill 4 -warp 8

# The directory to look for patch files in.
patchdir = c:\dm\patches

# Determines whether DeHackEd asks if you would like to reload the original
# exe data every time you load a patch file.  It is true by default, but
# just remove the pound sign from the next line to turn it off.
askatload = false

# Whether or not DeHackEd shows the cool logo on startup.  True by default,
# just remove the pound sign to skip the logo.
loadlogo = false

# Options for soundblaster cards.  sbaddress is the address of your card,
# sbirq is the IRQ for the card, and sbdma is the DMA channel.  Use a
# DMA of -1 for auto-detect.
#sbaddress = 220
#sbirq = 5
#sbdma = -1

# Added by John K. for changing THING names
namefile = thing.nam

# The following are all optional, and are included only in the hopes that
# they might be used to fend off future Doom versions, if any more pop
# up.

# Doom version #
#        0 for Doom 1 1.666
#        1 for Doom 2 1.666
#        2 for Doom 2 1.7, 1.7a
#        3 for Doom x 1.9
#        4 for Ultimate Doom 1.9
# version = 2

version = 3

# The size of the user-defined Doom exe file.
#size = 715493

# These are the offsets for the various data sections...
#thingoff   = 677472
#soundoff   = 645924
#frameoff   = 650396
#spriteoff  = 649844
#ammooff    = 638872
#weaponoff  = 638904
#textoff    = 691064
#cheatoff   = 642244
#textlength = 24072
About the why I want this running: how about creating demos to Compet-n? They only accept demos made in the original executables (DOS-era). Also, I like that OPL-like midi that my Sound Blaster 16 plays. :)

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I found a few problems in the INI file. You had the "editname" and "normalname" transposed, the "wadname" I changed for the sake of consistency, I'm assuming you created a c:\dm\patches directory and put pl2.deh in it. The BIG problem was the version number, commenting that line out forces DeHackEd to identify the executable before patching - which it did successfully.

Changes to ini file:

# For DOOM ][
editname = c:\doom2\doom2.exe
normalname = c:\doom2\doom2bak.exe

# For DOOM ][
wadname = c:\doom2\plutonia.wad

# version = 3 (This was the main troublemaker)

Good luck with your demos.

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True, the version should be commented. The IWAD can be changed, although in this case it makes no difference because its only purpose is viewing sprites, and Plutonia has the same ones as DOOM II. Note that you can add "games" to the CFG, leaving DOOM II for DOOM II and having another for Final DOOM:

# For Final DOOM
editname = c:\doom2\pl2.exe
normalname = c:\doom2\doom2.exe 

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Lol GreyGhost, these lines are correct, pay attention to the highlighted words. Else, the dehacked won't find the exe and will think that the "doom2.exe" would be the hacked exe.

editname = c:\doom2\doom2bak.exe
normalname = c:\doom2\doom2.exe

Anyway, really it was the version thingy. It worked! Thank you very much guys!

EDIT: For whose want the patched exe... http://www.mediafire.com/?yedlee50tmo

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I prefer them the other way round though maybe I'm just old-fashioned when it comes to file naming conventions.

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I think the default CFG uses that naming convention so that the patched executable, using the standard name, will be compatible with the multiplayer apps and the like, but it's a bit confusing. With this variant of ipxsetup, which lets you set the name of the executable, that becomes a non-issue. I tend to use a read-only DOOM2.EXE (or DOOM.EXE) as the normal executable and name the copy to modify according to what mod it belongs to (such as PL2.EXE in the above case.) Since DeHackEd creates the copy to modify, all you need to do is edit the CFG, which you'll possibly need to edit anyway to set the right version and game.

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