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Butt Naked Wonda, Big Brotha Thunda and Tha Masta Blasta

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The crack hits him like a minute in

We eatin' yall purple haze motherfuckers!

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I would like to see Wesley Willis and him having a little chit chat.

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Ah man. Since I've moved to Toronto I've encountered some of the most bizarre and unique people of my life.

This guys films would not surprise me. I live on a very dark street and home made black exploits of all natures are sold at the corner stores.

EDIT: Little boyz loose der dick an nuts. AHAHAHA!

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Ninjalah said:

I'm sad Maes didn't get that.

Wanna give me a yell-down warhellride?

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Technician said:

Watch this while high. Seriously.

Well I came to this thread at the right time then...

Damn, people on drugs are so funny. The shit they come up with is incredible.

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Prince of Darkness said:

Thanks to you, I have spent over 100$ on his music.


It was money well spent, my friend *smiles knowingly*.

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