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What monster are you?

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Baron of Hell

Big, slow, mean, and can take a huge beating while giving it right back. Everyone is initially either scared shitless of me or hates the fuck out of me. But those who stick around realize that I'm not that dangerous and come to find me endearing or endlessly irritating.

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I'll go ahead and say the Imp. Because I'm deceptively tough for my small size, sneaky as hell and look really scary.

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eargosedown said:


Because he's the Real in Doom.

So real that he can run at almost 100 km/h regardless of his cargo.

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Not to mention his remarkable ability to run through lava and highly poisonous area, take shotgun blasts to a face (or even a rocket, if he's got some armor on), and use guns without even experiencing the recoil.

Muthafuck an Ozymandias, only Doomguy has truly reached peak physical capability.

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Baron of Hell probably cause I'm like eight feet tall and people think I'm scary and stuff cause I never say much. I don't have the big buffed-up build though, or the horns :(

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