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Obhack 6.6 released

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Obhack 006.6 has been released

Obhack is a random map generator for Doom, Doom2 and Heretic.

As the current maintainer of Obhack, I will try to answer all questions and comments here on this post.

Download - http://samiam.org/slump/

New parameter: Room Lighting, changes light levels in cells/rooms.
'None' is default lighting.

Special Thanks to Mr.Chris for his expanded new Doom1 & Doom2 room themes/textures.

Added a Rare setting to the health and a Rare & None settings to ammo,
Rare gives about half than the Less option.

Renamed start weapons in gui to clarify weapon choice.

Bugfix: Fixed issue with the making of Heretic maps incorrectly.

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