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Boom Windows

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Been looking for the trick to make a window in boom that is a solid sector that blocks sound and lets the player look through transparent textures on the upper/lower sidedef. It might be a vanilla trick too, as I remember playing an old wad that had a gate made in this way that raised immediately when opened. There was also a map a guy made pretty recently in wads/mods that had this for a grate that opened when you get a key. If anyone could explain how this works/what I'm doing wrong (map is #29 in shai'tan's luck in the wads/mods thread) it'd be greatly appreciated.

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In Boom you can use linedef type 242 (transfer sector heights.)

Make the window sector's floor height the same as the ceiling and then transfer the floor height you want from another sector.

For the game such a construct will be considered closed but you can see through it.

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