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good doombulder tutorials

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i'm getting into doom level making and i already know most of the basics and can make things like doors and stuff but cant make things like stairs,lifts and switches rather Thain asking question after question whats the best tutorial for the latest version of doom builder out there?

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i actually used won of chubz tutorials when i was trying to make doors i didn't know he had others

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there is some kind of weird texture problem that i just cant figure out,i have a platform atop a blood waterfall but the platform- (wich is actually a giant piller raised from the floor) textures keep clipping threw the floor of the blood waterfall, i included some screenshots because i know it sounds confusing, enywon know what i'm doing wrong?




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For the "pillar" have you made them a separate sector and raised the floor, or have you just made lines and given them a mid-texture?

Post your pwad, it's probably alot easier to fix that way.

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