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What's the best .WAD reviewed at "Outpost of Doom 2" - LAST FEW HOURS TO VOTE!

What's the best .WAD reviewed at "Outpost of Doom 2"?  

15 members have voted

  1. 1. What's the best .WAD reviewed at "Outpost of Doom 2"?

    • ZDoom Community Map Project Take 1
    • Phobos: Anomaly Reborn
    • RTC-3057 Blue Hub 1
    • Zen Dynamics
    • Thunderpeak
    • Death Incarnate
    • Final Heretic - Chapter One: The Docks

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First of all... happy birthday Doom!

You probably noticed that I've written 99 reviews on my web-site ("Outpost of Doom 2": http://www.webalice.it/sposito.lag/) and the next one will be the 100th... and I want to celebrate it! So I thought to ask you what's the best .WAD I have reviewed till now. The nominees are the .WADs that got an overall assessment of 10. If you want, you can express the reason of your preference. I'll put a link to this thread on my web-site, once I write my 100th review and start celebration.

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I was torn between Thunderpeak and RTC-3057, but RTC won out for both the adventure partial-conversion elements of it and the fact that the wad as a whole has aged fantastically. It was a great experience when it was new, and it's still just as impressive now.

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Out of those, probably RTC-3057 for making a good use of engine features and retaining a mostly decent game play, but I'm not voting anything because I saw WADs I like more among the reviews, such as Plutonia 2 and Scythe, which are among my all-time favorites.

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